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Welcoming chefs and buyers in the bakery, restaurant, bar, concessions and food/beverage manufacturing industry, Carmi Flavors has expanded its product offerings with Flavor Depot, featuring a collection of our standard ready-to-use food and beverage flavors. Flavor Depot is designed to be a one-stop shop for the fast-paced kitchen’s flavor pantry needs.

Our initial collection includes 36 best sellers, with bakery and confectionery favorites like almond, bourbon, chocolate and strawberry. To fulfill every customer’s application needs, we also feature five concentrated varieties of vanilla and 33 vegan products. Every month, we offer specials and discounts for various seasonal items. Sign up for our newsletter for advanced notice of our specials!

Flavor Depot offers customers unprecedented access to high-quality commercial flavors featuring no MOQ, and all orders received by 3 PM PST will be processed and shipped the next business day, to anywhere in the United States. Fast and friendly customer service and consistently delicious flavors are what we stand for.

Sign up now at flavordepot.com to be included in Flavor Depot’s monthly newsletter, where new products and sale items will be announced and inventive recipes from our in-house flavor gurus are published.

Flavors are available in 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., 64 oz. and 128 oz, and packaged in twin neck plastic bottles. These self-measuring bottles are designed to save time while providing a precise pour.

CARMI FLAVORS is a family-run business, and an innovator in the international flavor market. For 40 years, it has had a global reputation for quality and providing stand-out flavors to some of the largest food and beverage developers in the world.

Need a custom formulation? Contact Carmi Flavors for your specialized needs at (800) 421-9647.


We are constantly pushing the limits of what we are capable of. Through careful testing, evaluation and production practices we can guarantee that we will give your order the quick attention it deserves.


With the rising demand for nutritionally specific food and beverage products, many customers require 100% custom formulations. That is why we are proud to provide pure product components and nutritionally customized flavors for any application. Contact Carmi Flavors for your specialized needs at (800) 421-9647.


From a small rural bake shop to a commercial food manufacturer, all customers and orders are treated equally. Some of our best work was possible because of small orders! No matter what, a customer of ours can expect 100% every time.

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